I love blogs. As an extrovert with social anxiety, I love peeking into other people’s lives without actually having to interact with them. I found cooking blogs when I was looking for recipes to have my then-fiance make for us, starting with luscious dishes and then more health-conscious meals as our wedding approached. I looked for kosher cooking blogs that fit our lifestyle, but I didn’t find any.

I moved on to DIY blogs as we looked for our first house and dreamed of all the things we could renovate ourselves. Spoiler alert: we are not cut out to be DIYers. I wanted a blog that talked about the creative process of designing a modern kosher kitchen in a regular-sized space. I scoured the internet for Ikea kitchen inspiration. I found very little content on either topic, nothing on both of them.

When we moved back to the Chicago suburbs, I looked for blogs about purchasing a multifamily building and multifamily living. I found two blogs on the subject.

As a Federal Government employee looking for things to do during the partial government shutdown of 2018-2019 and a lifelong knitter, I started reading knitting blogs. I learned to knit when I was six years old and I still have some of that mentality – I like simple projects that don’t frustrate me and I like bright colors. I also refuse to handwash anything. All I found were lovely aspirational knitting blogs with complicated patterns using expensive yarns.

So where were the blogs for people like me? People who need to accept that they aren’t perfect, that a home can be warm and welcoming, even if it isn’t perfectly styled? People who keep kosher, but want their food to be healthy and taste great, without having two dishwashers? Who live in multifamily housing? Who are lazy knitters mostly knitting various types of rectangles?

I haven’t found any. So in week four of the government shutdown I decided to start a blog.

Why “The Lazy Knitter”? As mentioned above, I learned to knit when I was six years old. I have very little patience for complicated projects or recipes, but I want whatever I knit, bake, crochet, paint, or whatever to come out well the first time. I don’t like redoing things and I certainly don’t knit swatches to check my gauge. I’m a lazy knitter.

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