Corner to Corner Blankets

I really like variegated yarn, especially the self-striping colorways. While you can often get the same effect assembling colors yourself, it’s very nice to have the colors thought out for you and joined seamlessly. Ombré and similar gradient shift colorways can be much harder, if not impossible, to replicate with separate skeins from craft store selections.

I picked up two each of the Caron Cake in Shadowberry and the Red Heart Super Saver in Deep Teal Ombré during the furlough. I loved the colors, but I had trouble deciding what pattern to use. I didn’t like the idea of a horizontal orientation for the color changes because it was too similar to what I normally knit. Also, I wanted a pattern with a simple texture that would show off the color changes.

I began researching options and came across corner to corner blanket patterns. This is normally a crochet method, but there are some knit patterns available on blogs and yarn brand websites.

I combined a few patterns and cast on 3 stitches. I increased using a yarn over after 3 knit stitches at the beginning of each row. About 25% of the way through I noticed something: the corner I was working on wasn’t 90 degrees.

This should be a 90 degree angle. It’s more like a 45 degree angle. Yarn used: Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn, 10 oz, DEEP Teal

Well, crap.

I decided to start the decrease rows to see if it would somehow sort itself out. It did not. I’m not sure why I thought it could. Misplaced optimism and hope springing eternal, I guess.

That’s a lovely 90 degree angle.

I had Mr. Lazy Knitter frog it for me and I went back to the drawing board. I also decided I wanted to use the the Deep Teal Ombre yarn for something with a bit more texture, so it became the Bubble Blanket from my last post.

I used Lion Brand’s Diagonal Comfort Blanket pattern (, substituting stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.

It worked better this time, but it was still a little kite shaped. On the bright side, I did achieve my goal of showing off these beautiful color changes.

Not traditional baby blanket colors, but I dig it.
Yarn used:
Caron Big Cakes Self Striping Yarn ~ 603 yd/551 m/10.5oz/300 g Each (Shadowberry)

Not exactly what I was going for, but Kitten and Zee gave it their stamps of approval. The mother of the recipient thought it was intentional for swaddling or something, so I’ll call it acceptable. (Sorry, B!)

So, what happened? I did some more research and found out that while garter stitch is generally square, stockinette stitch is not. Accordingly, stockinette stitch will not work properly in a corner to corner blanket unless the pattern is specifically written to take that shape difference into account.

I did attempt a garter stitch corner to corner blanket with some leftover chenille yarn. It still turned out a little wonky. I think this kind of pattern needs stretchy yarn with some heft to it to hold the shape properly. Some patterns suggested blocking the finished product to make it more square, but a) I’m the Lazy Knitter and I don’t block and (b) blocking acrylic yarn is an exercise in futility since it doesn’t hold its shape like wool.

To whoever gets this blanket from me: the shape and overall aesthetic was totally intentional and not at all an attempt to use up leftover yarn from other projects.
Yarns used: Premier Yarn Parfait Solid Yarn, Blueberry, 3 Pack and Premier Yarns 1044-08 Parfait Big Yarn-Peach

Zee liked this one a lot and carried it around the house when I laid it down to look at it. I’m tempted to let her have it because she liked it so much and cried when I took it away. However, down that road lies madness and a house full to bursting with random blankets, so it will find a home elsewhere.

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